July 13, 2024

Good News for the Job seekers. The Finland D Visa is a Fast Work Visa category launched by the Finland Government in June 2023 with the aim to grant a Visa in Just 10 days. This step has been taken to address the labor shortage as soon as possible. In this post, I will tell you the complete details about the Finland D Work Visa Process 2023. All non-EU nationals who are required a Visa for Finland are eligible for the Finland D Visa.

If you are a student, researcher, Entrepreneur, specialist, or you are an employee this D Visa is for you. The Good news is that there are more than 42 certified employers in Finland for which foreign applicants can apply. The company will issue a Residence permit for an employed person, With a Permit you can apply for the D Visa at the Finland embassy, and get your Visa in just 10 days.


Why Finland Launched a D Visa?

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To address the skills shortage in Finland. Finland is facing a shortage of skilled workers in different sectors. The D visa is intended to help fill these gaps in the labor market as soon as possible.

Finland Certified Employers for Jobs

The Finnish Immigration Service has provided a list of 42 certified employers/companies. You can apply for any position or job in these companies. They have Jobs available.

I have uploaded a List of the certified employers in my previous post: Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 (Finland Certified Employers)

Certified employers are the ones who are allowed by the Finnish Immigration Service to hire a foreign worker.

Get a Job offer from the Certified Employer

Once you successfully have a Job offer letter from any of the certified employers you can move to the next step which is a Residence permit for an employed person.

Finland Residence Permit for Employed Person

After a Job, your employer will help you and probably he will apply for a residence permit for you. Once You have received a positive decision on your residence permit application you can apply for the Finland D Visa.

Note: Your residence permit card will be delivered to you in Finland. Read more about the Residence Permit here.

Apply for the Finland D Visa – Get in 10 Days

Now you have a Job offer as well as a Residence permit. You have to apply for the Finland D Visa at the nearest Finland Embassy with all the documents you have.

The documents might vary from country to country. Your D Visa decision will arrive in Just 10 days. And you are ready to move to Finland.

Who can Apply for the Finland D Visa?

Basic Required Documents for Finlad D Visa

If you are applying for the Work purposes:

  • A Job offer from a Finland-certified employer.
  • A Residence permit document.
  • Ordinary passport
  • Education Documents

How long is a D Visa?

Initially issued for 2 years it can be renewable. After the four years, you are eligible to apply for the Finland Permanent Residency and then Citizenship.

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Can You Bring Your Family?

After six months you can sponsor and invite your family members to Finland.

It includes:

  • Your Spouse
  • Children under 18

Finland D Visa Cost and Residence Permit Cost

  • D Visa Cost: The Application Fee is 95 Euros
  • First Residence Permit Cost: 490 Euro

How to Apply for the Finlad D Visa (Finland D Work Visa Process 2023)

If you meet the following conditions, you can apply for the D Visa:

  • Have a Job offer first.
  • Have a Positive result on Residence Permit

Step 1: Use a Fast Track Service:

Apply for the Residence permit via fast-track service

You can also apply for a D visa. With a D visa, you can enter Finland without a residence permit card as soon as you have been issued a residence permit.

Apply for a D visa to Enter Finland at the same time as you apply for a residence permit.

When you visit a VFS application center or a Finnish (embassy or consulate) to prove your identity, give your passport to an official.

The D visa will be affixed to your passport when the Finnish Immigration Service grants you a residence permit and the D visa.



In Conclusion: The Finland Government encourages foreign nationals to apply for the D Visa. As this is made for foreigners. Nationals of Finland do not need a Visa to work in Finland.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the D type of visa in Finland?


Basically, the Finland D Visa is a work Visa category for foreign workers to come and work in Finland to address the labor shortage in Finland. This Visa will be initially issued for two years and is renewable.


It is a Fast Work Visa category launched by the Finland Government in June 2023 with the aim to grant a Visa in Just 10 days.

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