Spain is a European Union Country. The advantage of working in Spain is that the cost of living is relatively low compared to other EU Countries. This is a big advantage for foreign workers who are new or want to come to Spain for work purposes. In this post, I will tell you about the Spain Work Visa Process 2023. The Types of Spanish work visas for foreigners, and the requirements to obtain them.

To work in Spain as a non-European, you should obtain a work visa and a residence permit. Nationals of the EU Countries do not need any work permit to work in Spain. As of 2023, there are 5.4 million foreign workers living in Spain representing about 13% of the total workforce in Spain. It means Spain issues a number of work visas easily. More information on the Spain work visa types and its process is given below.

About Spain Work Visa Process 2023

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If you want to live in Spain for more than 90 days then you need a Work visa and residence permit. Also, Check Finland D Work Visa Process 2023 (Fastest Visa in 10 Days)

What’s Spain Famous for among Youth?

  • Spain is Famous for Money Heist Season.
  • Spain is Famous for La Tomatina. This festival is known for its tomato fight.
  • Football

Spain Long Term Visa

The Long Stay Visa involves a paid activity in Spain for more than 3 months. Long Stay Visa for Spain is also known as the Spanish Long-Term Visa or the Spain National Visa (D Visa).

Types of Spain Work Visas

We will discuss the main types of Spain work visas.

  • Spain Employment Visa
  • Spain Digital Nomad Visa
  • Seasonal Work Visa
  • Self-Employed Visa for Spain

1) Spain Employement Visa

This is the most common type of work visa in Spain for employees who have a Job offer from a Spanish company/institution/organization in Spain.

2) Spain Digital Nomad Visa

The Spain Digital Nomad visa is for any foreigner who is a Freelancer or working remotely for a company that is not based in Spain. For this Visa applicant must have an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree from a University.

An applicant must also show proof of monthly income not less than €2,160.

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3) Spain Seasonal Work Visa

The seasonal work allows people from non-countries to carry out seasonal activities in Spain for a period of 9 months. The sectors include Agriculture, Tourism, Hospitality, Logistics, and Healthcare.

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4) Self-Employed Visa for Spain

This Visa is for people aged 16 or over who seek to engage in self-employed activity in Spain. This Visa is relatively similar to a Freelancer Visa.

Other Visas include:

  • Spain Student Visa
  • Spain Family Visa
  • Spain Au Pair Visa
  • Spain Retiree Visa
  • Spain Golden Visa
  • Spain Working Holiday Visa
  • Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

Duration of Spain Work Visas

All work visas for Spain are initially issued for one year. It will be renewed annually from within Spain if you are still working and have valid work.

Requirements for Spain Work Visa

The basic requirements for each Spanish work visa are:

  • Get a Job offer from the Spanish Employer. If you are applying for a Spain employment visa, you will need to get a job at a company, institution, or organization in Spain.
  • For the Nomad Visa, you don’t need a Job offer from Spain.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spain has maintained a List of documents requirements, and application forms for each visa type.
  • You can read details on their website (Visit Here). Note down the documents too.

Spain Work Visa Cost

  • For USA Citizens: €167
  • For Canadians: €100
  • For all other Nationals: €80

Where and How to Apply for the Spain Work Visa?

Step 1: Get a Work and residence permit: Before you apply for the work Visa, your employer must obtain a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office.

Step 2: Residence Permit: Once the work permit has been authorized, the residence permit is granted together with the work permit by the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office

Step 3: Apply for the Work Visa at the Embassy: Once the work permit has been authorized, you must apply for a work and residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence which will allow you to enter Spain to work.

Jobs Sites for Spain

Furthermore, you can also use a search engine to find Jobs in Spain by typing in your field. For example “IT Jobs in Spain”, “Web Developer Jobs in Spain”, and “English Speaking Jobs in Spain”.

Processing Time for Spain Visa

It takes approximately 2 months for a Visa decision. The Spanish embassy will keep your passport.

Can You apply for a Spanish work visa in Spain?

Yes if you have a Schengen Visa or tourist Visa for Spain, you can visit Spain and find employment there. You can also apply for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa from within Spain for three years.

Spain Work Visa Website

I am giving the official link to the Spain work visa websites. It has all the information, application forms, and documents listed.