July 12, 2024

Sleeping Position Personality Test: Sleep psychologists and experts all over the world have conducted several studies to establish the link between your sleeping positions and your personality. Your subconscious is the powerhouse that influences how you function throughout the day, how you walk, what coffee you order, how you sleep, etc.


Personality Test: Your Sitting Positions Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits


Though you often do not pay attention to how you sleep, you just curl up in bed in your favourite sleeping position. However, much pioneering work by Dunkell on the connection between sleeping positions and personality traits. Sleep researcher Samuel Dunkell writes in his book Sleep Positions, “The way you sleep is the way you live”.


Curious about what your sleeping position reveals about you? Let us find out what your sleeping position reveals about your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, nature, mindset, and behaviour.


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Personality Test: What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?


#1 Sleeping Position: On your back

If you find yourself sleeping on your back, your sleeping personality suggests that you like to be treated with respect. You may be quite selective with whom to mingle or get close to. You are an optimist who thrives in the company of those who share your positive outlook. In any gathering, you are likely to command attention with your bold, strong presence. You steer clear of trivial conversations and situations that don’t align with your high standards or support your goals. You hold yourself and others to lofty expectations.


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More often than not, you prefer delivering honest truths over sugar-coated falsehoods. Your approach to achieving your goals is meticulous and persistent. You lead a structured life, driven by a desire for success. You greatly value your ‘me-time,’ using it to lie in bed and envision your plans coming to fruition.


Adopting the regal position of sleeping on your back might be a sign of your independence. As a back sleeper, you exhibit royal traits, often seeming like the ‘queen’ or ‘king’ of your daily and nightly realms. This position radiates self-confidence, acceptance of the world, and a sense of freedom. Open-minded and eager for new experiences or sensations, your sleeping style sets you apart from others.


#2 Sleeping Position: On your sides

If you tend to sleep on your side, your sleeping personality suggests that you’re a calm, reliable, and easy-going individual, always ready to seize the day. You’re forward-looking, not dwelling on the past or fearing the future. Highly adaptable, you effortlessly navigate through changes and situations, always seeking the silver lining in every circumstance. You possess a keen self-awareness, making it challenging to offend you, as you’re well aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. Even in challenging times, you maintain a cheerful demeanour.

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If you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out, you might be yearning for deep connections while harbouring fears of not finding them. You approach life with rationality, although you possess a complex nature, balancing openness to new experiences with a healthy dose of suspicion toward others. Slow to form opinions, you’re steadfast once you’ve made up your mind.

If you sleep on your side hugging a pillow, you prioritize relationships above all else. Much like your desire to hug a pillow, you crave deep connections with loved ones, often showing affection through physical touch. Nurturing and caring, you excel in fostering meaningful relationships.

If you sleep on your side in a log position with limbs extended, you may be a gullible and open nature, according to sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski. You effortlessly connect with others, including strangers, owing to your trusting demeanour.

If you curl up on your side with knees drawn close to your stomach and one arm tucked under your pillow or cheek, you are a natural thinker in tune with your emotions. Despite projecting a tough exterior, you’re deeply emotional and make a supportive partner or friend.

#3 Sleeping Position: Fetal

If you often find yourself sleeping in the fetal position, your sleeping personality suggests that you seek protection and yearn to be understood and cared for by others. This position, reminiscent of curling up like a baby, offers you a sense of detachment from worldly worries. Guarded and slow to trust, you present a tough exterior but harbour deep emotions within.


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You may feel most at ease around family members or those who have played significant roles in your upbringing. Shy, sensitive, and forgiving, you possess a clear conscience and enjoy solitary activities such as painting, drawing, writing, or dancing, where you can freely express yourself.


Sleep researcher Samuel Dunkell first theorized the significance of the fetal sleeping position in the 1970s, noting its association with heightened emotions and anxiety. Those who sleep in this position often feel uptight and closed off to spontaneous enjoyment. In studies, individuals who adopted the full-fetal position expressed feelings of abandonment in their waking lives. Additionally, sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski observed that people in the fetal position tend to be reserved in new social situations, but with the right company, they can quickly relax.


#4 Sleeping Position: On your stomach

If you sleep on your stomach, then your sleeping personality says that you are a strong-willed, risk-taker, adventurer, high-spirited, problem-solver kind of an individual. You are found to be effective at leading or offering guidance to others. You highly prefer sleeping for a complete 8 hours if not more to stay energetic and recharged.


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You are a gregarious person who sometimes comes off as cold or rude at times. You are always avoiding confrontation. You will try to find the middle ground in any extremities. You may not be completely extrovert but you have a friendly warm vibe. However, handling criticism is not your best trait as you are your worst self-critic hence hearing it from others makes you uncomfortable.


As per sleep researcher Dunkell, people who sleep on their stomach tend to be compulsive, impulsive, anxious, and rigid. They are found to be lacking confidence or inhibit insecurities about themselves. Studies have shown that if one sleeps on their stomach, they are most likely to be working in management, banking, or accounting jobs.


If one sleeps on their stomach with their hands on or around the pillow with their head turned to one side (either left or right), then this stomach sleeping position can be further categorized as a freefall or skydiver position. They have a playful, free-spirited personality and are always up for an adventure. They do not mince words and therefore at times, they can come across as close to being brash, especially when criticized or extremities. As per the sleep researcher Chris Idzikowsk, freefall sleepers have been found to be social butterflies.

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