July 12, 2024


Iran’s Consul General Hassan Nourian hailed on Monday Pakistan’s “political determination” to complete a bilateral gas pipeline project, saying that the reason for the delay in the project was the international pressure.


Speaking at the ‘Meet the Press’ at the Karachi Press Club, Nooryan termed the recent visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi very important. During the visit, he said, progress was made on several issues, including the promotion of trade between Gwadar and Chabahar Port.


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Iran and Pakistan signed an agreement to construct the 1,900 kilometre pipeline from Iran’s South Fars gas field to Balochistan and Sindh in 2010, but the work on the Pakistani portion has been held up due to apprehensions of US sanctions.


Nourian said that the pipeline did not come under international restrictions, and that the two countries were discussing the issue. “We see political determination from Pakistan to complete the project,” he told reporters.


Nourian said that that during Raisi’s visit, discussion was held Palestine, security issues, gas pipeline and other projects, free-trade agreement, counterterrorism, exchange of prisoners and other issues. He thanked Pakistan for making excellent arrangements during the visit.

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