July 12, 2024

Google, the US tech giant, has announced new education initiatives that will see the establishment of 50 smart schools in Pakistan’s federal capital, Islamabad. In collaboration with its local partner, Tech Valley, the Google for Education team recently met with the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to discuss upcoming plans for Pakistan’s education sector.


According to reports from the state news agency, these 50 smart schools in Islamabad will be equipped with 30,000 Google for Education IDs. These IDs will feature AI-powered practice sets and a range of digital tools aimed at enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Earlier in March, Google reiterated its commitment to empowering women on International Women’s Day, believing that by providing women with the necessary skills and resources, the country can unlock a future marked by greater equality, inclusion, and prosperity for all.


Google has acknowledged the immense potential and is striving to bridge these gaps through the launch of several programs aimed at promoting stronger equality and women’s empowerment in the workforce. One such initiative is the Google Career Certificates program, introduced in Pakistan in 2022.



At least 50% of the program scholarships were reserved exclusively for women, aimed at enhancing women’s access to economic opportunities and enabling them to pursue their ambitions. The program awarded 44,500 scholarships in 2023 and has committed to providing 45,000 new scholarships for 2024 to empower more learners.


Additionally, through the Google News Initiative (GNI) and with the support of its local partners, Google has been training young journalists, providing opportunities for women to gain reporting experience, and addressing the accessibility of newsrooms.

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