July 12, 2024

Quarrel between officers of FBR two field formations of lahore on distribution of speed money. DWP Engineering
Sales Tax Refund 360 M
Speed-money received by RTO Lahore 82 M –
15 M member & Chairman FBR, 11 M chief LTO , 11M commissioner n Vakeel
Remaining amount with RTO Chief n Headquarters .
Fight with guns taken place in Chief LTO office between Commissioner Rana Waqar n DC headquarter RTO Lahore khurram fakher in presence of Chief LTO n headquarter LTO.
Groups of officers from LTO Lahore and RTO Lahore reportedly clashed last week over distribution of “speed money”

As per reports, a substantial refund of Gree Airconditions was passed by the officers of LTO Lahore. But somehow the speed money was taken from the company by officers of RTO Lahore, leading to the dispute.

The lower staff had a grudge that they did not receive their “due share” of Rs. 8 crore speed money while the higher officers all took their share.

The FBR has transferred the concerned officers, in an attempt to hush up the matter.

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