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Discover the 3 Countries That Start with H

Written by Sonny Haugen
Published: July 2, 2023

While this may come as a surprise to many of you, there are only three countries in the entire world that start with the letter ‘H’. These three countries are Haiti, Honduras, and Hungary. While there may only be three nations starting with H, there is so much to explore within them. With each having fun destinations to explore, delicious foods and drinks, and an abundance of new cultures, these three nations offer so much to those wishing to travel to them. Whether you are going on a quick vacation or having a long-term stay, knowing where to be and what to eat is essential to any travel. This article will explore in depth each country, and give insight into what each has to offer.

Haiti is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea, between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Geographically, Haiti is located on the western side of the island, sharing the eastern half with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is a densely populated country with around 11.4 million people spread across a land area of 10,714 square miles. Haiti first gained independence in 1804 from the French, Haiti was officially recognized as a nation by the United States in 1862. With French and African influence deeply embedded in Haitian history and culture, the nation has two officially recognized languages. Those two languages are Haitian Creole and French. Creole is a term used for a language that develops through the blending of two different languages, becoming its own language. Within Haiti, there are so many unique experiences to be had!

Locations to Explore
Haiti has so much culture for you to explore. Port-au-Prince is Haiti’s capital city, and home to many stores, restaurants, and museums. Museums such as The Museum of the Haitian National Patheon go into detail about Haitian history and culture. With a permanent and temporary display, the museum describes the pre-Columbian era of Haiti, colonization, and the post-slavery era. This museum is sure to give a wonderful insight into Haiti and the experiences of its residents! The Iron Market is a famous open-air market in Port-au-Prince, perfect for purchasing souvenirs.

The Laferriere Citadel is a UNESCO Heritage site and historic landmark for Haiti. Located on top of Bonnet à l’Evêque mountain in Nord, Haiti, this site is a must-go when visiting Haiti. You can explore the citadel today and its history as a fortress during the Haitian slave revolt. This site is now printed onto Haitian currency and is recognized throughout the world as a significant historical site.

Food and Culture
There is so much cooking to explore in Haiti. With an abundance of spices used, Haitian food is the perfect harmony of meats, vegetables, and spice. One famous dish sure to make your Haitian trip 10x better is chicken and cashew nuts. To make this dish, you simply cook the chicken and cashews with onions, tomatoes, and tomato paste and serve on top of white rice. It is a hearty, filling, and delicious dish and the pinnacle of Haitian cooking.


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Guided tours are a must when exploring Haiti. Given the language barrier, having a native speaker with you will help make the most of the trip and give insight into Haiti’s cultural and societal aspects. Guided tours will typically take you around Port-au-Prince, and treat you to excellent food and shops along the way. A guided tour will cost roughly between $80-$100, with this price including the cost of transportation all across the city.

Located in Central America between Nicaragua to the southeast, Guatemala to the west, and El Salvador to the southwest, Honduras is a beautiful vacation spot to soak up the sun and relax on the beach. With a population of 10.2 million, Honduras is a culturally rich nation spanning 43,590 square miles. The official language of Honduras is Spanish. While Spanish may be the official language, there are plenty of people that do know a little bit of English, especially within tourist areas. Honduras is perfect for a nice beach getaway!

Locations to Explore
Honduras is home to many resorts and cultural sites, giving an enriching experience to visitors. Roatán is located within the Bay Islands and is perfect for all types of people. Here, you can relax on the beach, swim in the water, or explore the water via scuba diving or deep-sea fishing. With restaurants aplenty in the resorts of Honduras, you’re bound to find delicious food everywhere. Other locations to explore in your time in Honduras include UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Copán Ruins. With over 2000 years of history to explore, the Copán Ruins offer so many fun facts to learn. With a museum dedicated to the site close by, the Copán Ruins are a perfect outing in your time in Honduras.

Food and Culture
One of the most popular foods in Honduras is baleadas. Baleadas are wheat flour tortillas filled with a number of different toppings, with the most popular ones being butter, fried beans, and cheese. In addition to these toppings, you can feel free to add meat, avocado, or any other foods you like. Baleadas are a must-try on your trip to Honduras! You can easily pick them up from street vendors found within shopping areas and they are a highlight of Honduras’s flavor. Continuing with the culinary theme, food and drinks are popular outings in Honduras. If you’re looking to explore Honduras like a local, consider stopping by any bars or restaurants that catch your eye. It will be a night to never forget!

Hungary is located in central Europe and is a landlocked nation. There are many countries surrounding Hungary. To the north are Slovakia and Austria, Croatia and Serbia to the south, Ukraine and Romania to the east, and Slovenia to the west. Hungary has a population of 9.7 million over a land area of 93,020 miles squared. The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, but there are many other languages spoken given their close proximity to other nations. Romanian and German are common languages heard throughout Hungary. With a rich history, there is so much to explore in Hungary.

Locations to Explore
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, consistently ranks number 1 in places to be in Hungary. Budapest is perfect for its vast amounts of both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you choose to spend your time inside one of the many museums on a rainy day, or you enjoy the nice weather in the parks and outdoor dining cafes, Budapest is the perfect destination for your next trip to Hungary. The Dunabe River, which runs through Budapest, offers boat rides to view the city from a different perspective! The Fisherman’s Bastion is also an excellent spot to see Hungarian architecture and history, resembling that of a fairy tale castle. Hungary is ideal for any traveler with so many wonderful activities to explore.

Food and Culture
Street food is one of the best ways to explore any country. Lángos is no exception to this rule with it being one of the most famous street foods in Hungary. A simple dish, Lángos is a deep-fried dough with toppings of your choosing. The most common topping you’ll find is cheese, but other toppings like meat and onion enhance the flavor immensely. Outside of food, you can also experience Hungarian folk dancing and singing. Try out the Czardas dance and experience the culture that Hungary has to offer!

The three nations in the world that start with the letter H are so unique to each other. With so much to explore, there is never a boring moment when traveling to Haiti, Honduras, or Hungary. Here are some fun facts and statistics about countries that start with the letter H.

The Most Populated Country That Starts with H
The most populated country that starts with H is Haiti with a population of 11.4 million people. This makes Haiti the most populated country in the Caribbean!

The Largest Country by Area That Starts with H
With a total of 93,020 square miles, Hungary is the country with the most area on the list.

The Oldest Country That Starts with H
In terms of which of these three was first recognized as a country, that honor goes to Honduras, which officially became a nation in 1821. Hungary has technically been around the longest, though. With a history that spans more than 1,100 years, Hungary has a vast story to tell.

The Youngest Country That Starts with H
While Hungary is technically the oldest of the three, it was the most recently classified nation as well, receiving that recognition in 1949. Because Honduras was officially recognized in 1821 and Haiti was recognized in 1862, Hungary is the most recent addition to the list.

Throughout this article, the countries of Haiti, Honduras, and Hungary were introduced. Whether you are planning a trip, or are just curious about these countries, hopefully, this list was able to give insight into what the countries have to offer.

Country Population
Haiti 11.7 million
Honduras 10.2 million
Hungary 9.7 million

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