July 12, 2024

There is the current and latest news update of Pay Pension 25%, Medical and Conveyance Allowance 100% Increase for the Government employees. As per the Daily Express dated 04-05-2024, there is a proposal of the following in the coming Budget 2024-25:


Pay Pension 25%, Medical and Conveyance Allowance 100% Increase News



Increase in Salary @ 25% as Adhoc Allowance

Pension Increase @ 25%

Medical Allowance @ 100% increase

Conveyance Allowance @ 100%



Daily Express News Clip



According to the newspaper Express dated 4th May 2024, there is only a proposal from the side of the Government. The Government has a proposal to raise the salary @ 25% of basic pay in the shape of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2024. There is also a proposal to increase the pension @ 25 of the current pension. Government has also a plan to increase the Medical Allowance @ 100% of the existing one. In addition to that the Government may fill the most demanded Conveyance Allowance for Government employees.

Demands of the Government Employees and Pensioners




The above demands, if the government fulfills them simultaneously then it will be a bit more suitable for the employees. Medical, House Rent, and Conveyance Allowance are the top demands of the employees. The Conveyance should be a minimum 3 times of the current one. All the employees of the Government are demanding that the Government should increase the salary @ 100% which is their right due to the dearness of the country. The pensioners also demand the Government to raise their pension at a reasonable level.




Various Newspapers and Different Salary News



As I already mentioned in previous posts, we shall read such news daily. There was yesterday news from Daily Jang that there is a proposal for a 12% increase in salary in Budget 2024-25 for Government employees. This news is also part of such news. The same newspaper also mentions in the same story that some sources say that there is a chance to grant an Adhoc Relief Allowance @ 25% of Basic Pay. You can imagine when one piece of news from the same newspaper has two different stories, how many more stories will be created with many other newspapers?

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